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UX Design Process

This is a brief walk through of my UX process referencing work from IBM, Virgin Galactic, ArtCenter, and my personal projects.


Design Strategy
UX Design

UX Process

Internal stakeholder map, showing how marketing, content, dev, design, research, and PMs currently work together

Questions and assumptions parking lot during a project kickoff workshop.


Strategy & Project Scoping

  • Introduce teams, members, roles, needs

  • Understand the problem(s) and opportunities

  • Understand business objectives

  • Stakeholder map

  • Questions and assumptions around the user and user needs

  • Roadmap of key deadlines


Research & Analysis

  • Domain research

  • Market research

  • Competitive analysis

  • User research

  • User journey

  • Persona mapping

Creating an empathy map for data scientists working in a data science team within their organization

Synthesizing research around data science personas

OLI's main persona, the "transitioning"

Prioritization grid of best methods to communicate DSX Research

Brainstorming high level design concepts


Exploring UX Design Directions

  • Brainstorm concepts

  • Narrow down concepts

  • Sketching and wireframing

  • Prototype ideas 

  • Site mapping and user flows

  • Narrow down to a single concept

  • Prioritize features based on impact to user/feasibility

Visual Inspiration board for Virgina Galactic's Spaceport


Visual Brand Direction

  • Mood board

  • Logo design

  • Typography

  • Color palette

Mood board for a Korean rice wine exhibition

Visual and UI exploration for Travel App Sola


Design Sprints

  • Prioritize tasks

  • Use case stories

  • Sketching and wireframing

  • Prototyping 

  • User feedback through usability tests, interviews, and surveys

  • Synthesize research findings

  • Updates based on research findings

  • Design demo and tech feasibility review

Mapping DSX Canvas deliverables and features for Q1

One of many collaborative sketch wireframing sessions for merging best ideas into a single flow.



  • A/B Test

  • Beta launch

  • Track usage data

  • Evaluate product's performance

Showcasing open beta DSX at Strata Hadoop 2017 conference and receiving feedback on closed beta designs.

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