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SOLA Travel App

SOLA is a mobile app that forecasts best dates to travel based on the users' select activity and destination.


Sola is targeted for world curious travel enthusiasts who find greater satisfaction investing in experiences rather than tangible goods. Thus, SOLA provides these travelers with an app to search and book experiences not just in their neighborhood, but around the world.

Duration: 2 weeks



Solo Project

UX Design

Visual Design


I was inspired to create this personal project while navigating multiple websites in order to find best dates to travel to S.Korea for the Spring Cherry Blossom Festival. Then I remembered doing the same while searching for the best dates to travel to Colorado for a ski trip. I realized this need could be applied across multiple seasonal scenarios.



World curious travel enthusiasts end up missing out on special celebrations, events, and seasonal activities happening at their destinations, because such information is scattered across multiple websites.

SOLA forecasts best dates to travel based on the users' select activity and destination. In cases where the user doesn't a have a destination, it provides information to activities happening around the world

Low Fidelity Wireframes

I first started by writing a use case scenario for SOLA. Then I sketched those use case stories into wireframes. I translated the hand sketches to low fidelity wireframes on Sketch.

Visual Inspiration & Design Exploration

I found visual inspiration from brainstorming emotions related to traveling and looking at photos of the skyscape from an airplane window. I explored color combination by applying them to the black and white wireframes.

I made sure the sizes of the icons, text, buttons were accessible for mobile interface by exporting the screen JPEGs into my iphone.

Sola hifi Designs

High Fidelity Screens

Additional screens for exploring activities around the world are in progress along with a clickable prototype.

On Boarding


Navigating Calendar and Forecast Dates

Transparency to Explore Data

Flight Results

Saved Search Updates

Bottom Navigation- Hamburger menu & Profile

Responsive Background Colors Reflect the Four Seasons





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