user research

Kind words from my colleagues.

"Stella is a thoughtful designer with an “above and beyond” attitude—she holds herself and the work to a high standard of excellence. 

In addition to consistent creative design solutions in her areas of ownership at Simple Contacts, she was proactive to highlight product improvements, process refinements, and culture building opportunities."

Jason, design lead at SimpleContacts

"Stella is a gifted UX researcher and product designer. She is adept in her ability to take a hypothesis, perform any necessary research, and turn that into a complete and delightful experience."

Ryan, CTO at SimpleContacts

"She was always a great team member, took feedback extremely well, and made rapid revisions and improvements to her work. Whether we needed a detailed mock up with all edge cases accounted for, or small suggestions to make visual improvements to existing pages, Stella always delivered."

Galen, developer at SimpleContacts