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Overdrive J. Paul Getty Exhibition

Getty Museum's Overdrive Page

Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future, 1940-1990 was the subject of a collaborative project between the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California and multidisciplinary students at the Art Center College of Design. Our concepts were selected to be implemented in the exhibition. Overdrive won the 2013 Charles Redd Award.


Context Research

Creative Direction Environmental Design

UX Design

Collaboration with

Stanley Chen- Graphic Design

Debbie Chang - Graphic Design

Catherine Menard - Environmental Design

Framing different points of view

"One is forced to be the object of fascination and fray, while simultaneously judging and monitoring the urban experiment. The rare emotion of being watched while also watching cajoles one to continue to refine and reevaluate his or her perception of the city."

- Michael Maltzan, Los Angeles architect

"The city constantly repositions itself at a different acute angle and offers a new data set."

- Michael Maltzan, Los Angeles architect

"The city presented itself to me as a series of colliding events and interactions. Multiple cultures and landscapes emerged through the light of the overexposed horizon in flashes of contradiction: fertile and arid, dark and blinding, restrictive and generous- spaces ripe with inconsistency."

- Michael Maltzan, Los Angeles architect

Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future 1940-1990 was showcased at the Getty Musum in Los angeles from April 9th- July 21, 2013. View exhibition page.

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