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The inspiration behind Goodfor stems from my mom’s passion and knowledge on healthy eating. As long as I can remember, my mom had a knack for getting my brother and I to finish everything on my plate. She would convince us that broccoli was good for beautiful skin, walnuts were good for brain power, carrots good for the eye, apples good in the morning, and so on. This knowledge instilled from a young age, undoubtedly fostered my consciousness and passion for healthy eating.


User Research

Art Direction

Environmental design

UX Design

Collaboration with

Ji Ae Park- Food Art
Haeran Kang- Photography


Goodfor's mission is to cultivate an appreciation for Earth’s fruits and vegetables through the emphasis of each unique blends’ healing benefits.

Goodfor Menu

After visiting more than 20 juiceries around Southern California, it stuck out to me that the menus didn't communicate the health benefits that were being offered to their health conscious customers. I also found it extremely hard to confidently pick a single menu item because of the long list of ingredients I had to read through. In Goodfor's menu I wanted

to visually communicate the health benefits of the juices that our health conscious customers were in-taking. I collaborated with illustrator JiAe Park and photographer Haeran Kang to create 8 unique recipes each good for specific health interests such as skin detox, memory boost, and and stress relief.

Retail Experience

Goodfor's retail experience is in Los Angeles's Art District, which was once a warehouse district but has gone through gentrification in the recent years. Its main demographic are

young professional singles or couples in the creative industry

who live busy lives but are very conscious about taking care of their health as a form of self gratification and to keep up with their busy lives.

Fresh Market

With the help of our nutritionists, personalize your smoothie basket with fruits, vegetables, and herbal remedies or ask about our signature blends.

Located in L.A. Arts District

Taking the L.A. arts district’s industrial setting into consideration, we used greenhouses as design inspiration for the space because of its industrial, transparent, and lightweight form language.

Pocket Garden

Goodfor is a porous environment that transitions from open to enclosed spaces. The garden is a brief moment of nature before walking into the market/kitchen.

A place to depart from our fast paced lives to pause, be well, and feel very good.

Open Kitchen

Once you have selected your ingredients, we will check out your basket at the cashwrap. Afterwards, our mixologist will take your select ingredients to create your unique blend.

Outdoor Eating and Lounge

Goodfor is more than a superfood cafe, it is a place to depart from our fast paced lives to pause, be well, and feel very good.

Patio and Workshop

In our back patio we host workshops such as the “Goodfor Detox” workshop where we sweat out impurities through yoga and pilates followed by our signature Goodfor detox juice.

Overview on Process

Online and in-person surveys to find top health concerns
We conducted a health interest survey, in which we asked over 200 participants to select the health benefits they were interested in. The survey was conducted with shoppers we met at the Whole Foods grocery store and online with some of our health conscious friends.

Juice tasting party with SME
Making sure that our smoothies also tastes great is important, so we invited 5 of our friends who are cooks and pastry chefs to come taste our juices, and tell us how it could be improved.


Styling and photographing menu

We set up a photo stage in my living room and photographed individual ingredients and menu compositions during in a 12 hour photoshoot.

Retail environment sketches and prototypes

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