SOLA Travel App

UX, Visual

Ghost App is a side project I was inspired to create after multiple attempts to go on social media detox.


It allows users to track app's usage time. It also let's users set time limits on their app through a Ghost that calls your phone when you've exceeded your set time limit.

This project was complete in 3days in April 2017 prior to the iOS 12 release in June 2018 when Screen Time was introduced.


UX Design

Visual Design

Collaboration with

Solo Project


I was inspired to create this personal project when I found myself spending way too much time on social media apps such as instagram and facebook. I wanted a way to limit my time, so I created a concept project.

I also met up with my friend who is an android developer to review if this was feasible to implement through an external app. 

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Hi-Fidelity Wireframes

This is a quick exploration of the concept  completed in 3 days.

With more time, I could like to refine the designs through further user testing.

On Boarding


High Fidelity Screens

Additional screens for exploring activities around the world are in progress along with a clickable prototype.

On Boarding


Navigating Calendar and Forecast Dates

Transparency to Explore Data

Flight Results

Saved Search Updates

Bottom Navigation- Hamburger menu & Profile

Responsive Background Colors Reflect the Four Seasons